ERAN UD ANERAN. Studies Presented to Boris Il'ic Marsak on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday

Lev M. VSEVIOV, Valentin G. _KODA A Bibliography by Boris Il'ic Marsak Suhrat T. ADYLOV, Jamal K. MIRZAAHMEDOV On the History of the Ancient Town of Vardana and the Obavja Feud Agust ALEMANY Sixth Century Alania: Between Byzantium, Sasanian Iran and the Turkic World Cengiz ALYILMAZ On the Bugut Inscription and the Mausoleum Complex Guitty AZARPAY Bullae from the Pahlavi Archive at the University of California, Berkeley Gaybullah BABAYAROV Sogd Under Turkish Rule During 6th-7th Centuries (On Sogdian and Turkish Symbiosis) Eliso BAGATURIA On the Importance of the Misimian's-Kodori Route in the 1st-6th Centuries Craig BENJAMIN The Yuezhi Migration and Sogdia Z. Kenan BILICI Bronze Door-Knockers of Cizre - Great Mosque: a New Example Igor V. BONDYREV Colonization of the Black Sea by the Ancient Greeks and Its Ecological Consequences Pierfrancesco CALLIERI At the Roots of Sasanian Royal Imagery: the Persepolis Graffiti Matteo COMPARETI The Role of the Sogdian Colonies in the Diffusion of the Pearl Roundels Pattern Mihly DOBROVITS They Called Themselves Avar Considering the Pseudo-Avar Question in the Work by Theopylactos Natalia V. FEDOROVA Volga Bulgaria Silver of the 10th-14th Centuries (On Materials of the Trans-Urals Collections) Murtazali S. GADJIEV Interpretation of a Bronze Figurine of Warrior from Gigatl' (Daghestan) Gherardo GNOLI Agathias and the Date of Zoroaster Frantz GRENET La plus ancienne inscription sogdienne Prudence O. HARPER More and Less Sasanian: Luxury Vessels from the Eastern Borderlands of Iran Toshio HAYASHI Sogdian Influence Seen on Turkic Stone Statues Focusing on the Fingers Representation Amy HELLER Archaeology of Funeral Rituals as Revealed by Tibetan Tombs of the 8th to the 9th Century Jangar Ya. ILYASOV Bronze Ewers of Craftsman Ahmad Annette L. JULIANO Chinese Pictorial Space at the Cultural Crossroads Etsuko KAGEYAMA Use and Production of Silk in Sogdiana Shamsiddin KAMOLIDDIN To the Question of Origin of the Name Hashimgird Osman KARATAY Contribution to the Debates on the Origin of the Medieval Bosnian Royal Dynasty Kotromanids Sergey G. KLYASHTORNY Ancient Turk Rock Inscriptions in the Talass Ala-Too. A Sogdian Word in an Old Turkic Inscription Judith A. LERNER An Introduction to the Sealings on the Bactrian Documents in the Khalili Collection LIN Ying Sogdians and the Imitations of Byzantine Gold Coins Unearthed from the Heartland of China Vladimir A. LIVSHITS Three New Ostraca Documents from Old Nisa Pavel B. LURJE Shapur's Will in Bukhara Markus MODE Heroic Fights and Dying Heroes. The Orlat Battle Plaque and the Roots of Sogdian Art Matteo NICOLINI-ZANI Christiano-Sogdica: An Updated Bibliography on the Relationship Between Sogdians and Christianity Throughout Central Asia and Into China Takashi SAWA Aspect of the Relationship Between the Ancient Turks and the Sogdians Based on a Stone Statue with a Sogdian Inscription in Xinjiang Igor V. PYANKOV Scythian Genealogical Legend in Rustamiada RONG Xinjiang Sogdians Around the Ancient Tarim Basin Edvard V. RTVELADZE Coins from Kish 3rd-2nd Century BC 8th Century AD Karen S. RUBINSON Animal Style Art and the Image of the Horse and Rider Arcangela SANTORO On the Two Intertwined Dragons from Pend_ikent Gregory L. SEMENOV Dwelling Houses of Bukhara in the Early Middle Ages Boris Y. STAVISKY Once More About Peculiarities of the Sogdian Civilization of the 4th-10th Centuries Katsumi TANABE The Identification of the King of Kings in the Upper Register of the Larger Grotte, Taq-i Bustan: Ardashir III Restated Mehmet TEZCAN The Ethnonym Apar in the Turkish Inscriptions of the 8th Century and the Armenian Manuscripts Xavier TREMBLAY Sogdien et Avesta. Essais de grammaire compare des langues iraniennes VIII Laura VENEGONI Hlags Campaign in the West (1256-1260) Sergey A. YATSENKO The Late Sogdian Costume (the 5th-8th cc AD) Tianshu ZHU The Sun God and the Wind Deity at Kizil

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Matteo Compareti, Paola Raffetta, Gianroberto Scarcia
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